Thursday, 24 April 2014

U is for unpublished stories of the unquiet, unseen and undead!

Do you have a previously unpublished ghost story that fits the following criteria? Is it a tale of the unquiet, the unseen and the undead, guaranteed to shoot shivers down a reader's spine and curl their toes? Want an opportunity to earn a few quid and see it published in our next print anthology? If you answered with a resounding 'yes' then pop over to and click on the 'submit your story' link to send us your tale.
The deadline is 31 May.

Tales of Mystery, Suspense & Terror 

Short story anthology

The Victorian era was the heyday of the ghost-story and it has been said that a good Victorian host would place a copy of work by Sheridan Le Fanu by their guest’s bedside for the hours after midnight. So taking inspiration from gothic fiction and the rich legacy of 19th century ghost stories, we aim to celebrate the supernatural through a new collection of tales of mystery, suspense and terror!
19th Century ghost stories were the extension of Gothic fiction pioneered by Horace Walpole and Ann Radcliffe, with M.R. James and Sheridan Le Fanu representing the best known masters of this genre.  Thus we hope to elicit narratives inspired by the 19th century ghost story. Tales that lure unsuspecting readers in through mood and setting, stories to be savoured through accounts which focus on suspense rather than gore, and fictions which leave readers to the mercy of their imaginations. We want the type of stories which are so compelling you’ll wish you had a second chance to read them for the first time!
We are especially interested in stories that are truly unique in character, whether written from less common points of view or because of the sustained chilling disquiet which they instil in the reader. Most of all, we want to produce a collection filled with stories we are as excited to read as we are to share. When you wish you’d waited for sunrise to put words to paper, that’s the story that we want! Sleep uneasy prospective authors, we eagerly await your submissions; may your night terrors give you inspiration.

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