Thursday, 17 April 2014

Otherworldly Orb?

In keeping with our ghostly theme and as today the A to Z Challenge lands us on O, I can't help but puzzle and ponder on the topic of orbs.

A few years ago I captured this image at a nearby church and graveyard. To the left, in front of the church, half a dozen translucent orbs are visible. To the right, hovering between the tree branches, is a brighter object. Cropping this object out of the picture and enlarging it reveals the below image. Instantly I was awash with goosebumps as I was able to see a toddler's face with plump cheeks and a swath of reddish brown hair swept to the side. The child's eyes are bright and looking off to his right. Intersecting the face is a (brighter light) cross. Then, looking to the left of the child's face, I can see the profile of what I believe to be a male face with a large nose and protruding lips. I've always wondered if this orb was, as many say, just a dust particle or reflection caught in the photograph or if it is actually a spirit. Because it looks three dimensional, and because the faces (young and old) seem so obvious to me, I can't shake the feeling that I've been offered a glimpse of the Otherworld!

Can you see the two faces? Any opinion as to what this may be?

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  1. Yes! I see the faces. Very cool! :D

    The most orbs I ever got were photos I took in a monastery. I naively deleted them all! :( The thing is, it only happened in a certain room. Every photo I took there was jammed with orbs. I still kick myself over that...

    Lovely photos, by the way! I'm actually working on a travel guide to haunted places. I hope to get lucky during my research trips and get an orb or some other interesting anomaly in my photos. *This* time, I will not hit the delete button!

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