Saturday, 1 February 2014

Readers, what tickles your dark side?

This blog is intended to act as a companion to our main website and will involve a series of themed discussions to supplement our latest short-story call out for tales of mystery, suspense and terror inspired by, and in the style of, 19th century ghost stories.

So whether you’re a ghost story aficionado, a prospective author or merely curious, please take a look and join in! There will be a new blog posted each week throughout the submission window (1st February – 31st May 2014; further details regarding the terms and conditions can be located here). You can also follow the discussion or join in via twitter using #talesomst_CBB.

To help launch this project, it seems appropriate to engage our prospective readers in our first post. For all those who love ghost stories and gothic fiction, this is your chance to give your suggestions about the ghost story you wish had been written or that you’d most want to read. I’ve always felt that the chilling potential of will-o’-the-wisp remain under represented in ghost story fiction. So what themes do you feel remain absent from the current literature? Share your thoughts to inspire our prospective authors and perhaps you will be suitably rewarded!
Join in, be intrigued or just sit back, relax and enjoy the discussion. The aim is to create a collection of chilling tales to intrigue, delight and terrify, and which we hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as we’ll enjoy putting together!

For our prospective authors: If you are seeking inspiration, bookmark this page and perhaps you may find just the thrilling seed that you were searching for!

P. Michaelson

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  1. Having ruminated upon this over the last week, another thought has come to mind. I think the potential for including the perspective of the ghost directly into the story has been either under-appreciated or overlooked. Having a character presenting an omnipotent viewpoint but possessing unknown control over events would seem to offer vast potential for establishing a truly terrifying tale with a kicker of a climax! I don't know of a story written from this perspective but of course there remain many tales which I have yet to read so I remain hopeful.